Young Holly (with Anna & Helen)

Holly [Animated Golden Retriever] The dog that can do no wrong.

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  1. Holly's first Christmas (12/87)
  2. Ditto
  3. Ditto
  4. Holly's first Summer (1988)
  5. 1989: Holly's "teenage" years
  6. Ditto
Holly being dressed up. Xmas 87 Christmas 87 Eating Christmas wrapping. Xmas 87 Christmas 87 Holly on floor. Xmas 87 Christmas 87 Opening Christmas Packages Holly yawning. Xmas 87 Holly lick attack. Xmas 87 Christmas 87 Christmas 87 Note Xmas bow around neck. Xmas 87 Another Holly lick attack. Early 1988 Christmas 87 Christmas 87 Early 1988 Holly loved the water. Dog Beach 88 Dog Beach 88 Dog Beach 88 Retrieving ball. Dog Beach 88 Dog Beach 88 Holly getting ball and keeping it. Dog Beach 88 Forlorn Holly watching Anna leave for school in the morning.
 Serious violation of the 'Holly Prime Directive': Don't make Holly sad Anna & Holly seriously watching TV Dancing with Holly Holly thinks it's play time because Anna is on the floor--but Anna is studying Holly's 'Goofy I'm-great-but-modest' look Holly dressed up by Anna Helen & Holly

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